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DSP Evaluation board, HYUGA II, mount latest Xilinx Virtex-6 SXT which enable to be used as prototype of wireless, image compression system.
HYUGA II have Serial Rapid IO interface with TMS320C6455 DSK and can be connected to TMS320C6474 EVM with optional board. With using FMC and high speed I/O connection, User can connect to AD-FMC board which mounts 4-channel 16-bit 160MSPS ADC, and can use high speed I/O interface for 2-channel 16-bit 800MSPS DAC.

Feature of PALTEK DSP evaluation board 

  • Virtex-6 SXT Series XC6VSX315T, 475T
  • High-speed memory DDR3 is installed
  • Each application is supported by installing the FMC connector
  • For wireless and image application
  • The network can communicate by Ethernet

Board target

  • FPGA designer with Virtex-6 SXT device
  • Need to use high-speed AD/DA and Virtex-6
  • Connection with TEXAS INSTRUMENT DSP Board
  • Video interface
  • Various memory interface evaluations such as DDR3/SRAM/FLASH

Board structure


Main features

Product Name:PTKB-100009 「HYUGA II」
  • FPGA:Xilinx FPGA XC6VSX315T-FF1759
  • SRIO(Serial Rapid I/O)
    • TI DSP evaluation board(TMS320C6455 DSK, TMS320C6474 EVM) interface with SRIO(max10Gbps)
    • PICMIG AMC(Advanced Mezzanine Card) specification card edge(single group)
  • Optical module:2x SFP(connector) for pyhsical interface
  • SMA Connector:4-pair of general porpose high speed(GTP) interface
  • High speed general porpose I/O
    • Connect to TI DAC evaluation (DAC5688EVM)
  • DDR3 SDRAM:2-group of Micron DDR3 SDRAM
    (1-group have 32-bit, total 512MB)
  • SRAM/Flash Memory:GSI SRAM and Numonyx Flash Memory
    (Flash Memory has BPI to FPGA and usful for FPGA configuration)
  • RS-232C:1-port of RS-232C
  • GPIO:2x7-seg LED, 4xLED, 8-pole DIP switch, 4xPUSH switch
  • DVI:TI TFP410 for DVI output, and TI TFP401 input.

Kit contents

  • Virtex6 SX315T DSP board
  • Schematic
  • User guide
  • Sample file
  • Board device design sample
    • Flash, SRAM interface(.bit)
    • DDR3 interface(.vhd) LMK03000 access design(.vhd)



  • Virtex6 SX315T DSP board
    • Connect to HYUGAII with though FMC connector
    • 4 channel A/D : 16bit @160MSPS (National Semiconductor ADC16DV160)
    • Amplifier to analog input (National Semiconductor LMH6517)
    • Varuable sampling rate with PLL block(National Semiconductor LMK04000)
    • Kit contents
      • AD-FMC board
      • Schematic
      • User guide
      • Sample file
      • AD design
        • FPGA download file(.bit)
        • LMK4000, LMH6517, ADC16DV160 access design(.vhd)


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