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DSP Solution Board has a Virtex-5 SXT and supports high speed digital signal processing, like wireless system and image processing. This board can connect TEXAS INSTRUMENT TMS320C6455 DSK though EMIF and Serial Rapid IO.

Feature of PALTEK DSP evaluation board 

  • On board AD/DA
  • Virtex-5 SXT
  • TEXAS INSTRUMENT TMS320C6455 DSK connection though EMIF and Serial Rapid IO.
  • XILINX Video Starter board connection

Board target

  • Need to use high-speed AD/DA and Virtex-5
  • Connection with Serial Rapid IO
  • Connection with TMS320C6455 DSK EMIF
  • Video interface (With Xilinx video starter kit)

Main features

Product Name:PTKB-100004 [HYUGA]
  • FPGA : Xilinx FPGA XC5VSX95T-FF1136
  • AD/DA converter
    • Conection to sub-board which has AD/DA
    • Sub-board has 2 channel AD/DA
    • A/D : 14bit @155MSPS (National Semiconductor ADC14155)
    • D/A : 14bit @135MSPS (National Semiconductor DAC14135)
  • SRIO(Serial Rapid I/O)
    • TEXAS INSTRUMENT DSP board (TMS320C6455 DSK) SRIO interface (MAX 10Gbps)
    • PICMIG AMC(Advanced Mezzanine Card) standard card edge (1 group)
  • CPRI : 2x SFP connector
  • PCI Express : x1 PCI Express cable interface
  • SMA Connector : High speed interface of 4-pare of each input/output
  • XGI Connector : XILINX ML402 VIODC (Video IO Daughter Card)
  • EMIF
    • TI DSP(TMS320C6455 DSK) EMIF(External Memory Interface) connection
    • Use SAMTEC connector
  • DDR2 SDRAM : 2-group Micron DDR2 SDRAM (1group data 32bit, 128MB)
  • SRAM/Flash Memory : GSI technology SRAM and Intel Flash Memory(Flash Memory link with FPGA as BPI)
  • EIA-232C : Debug interface
  • GPIO : 2x 7-segment, 3x LED, 1x 8-pole DIP, 4x PUSH switch
  • Audio Codec : TI Audio Codec
  • DVI : TI TFP410

DSP Kit contents

  • Virtex5 SX95T DSP board
  • Schematic
  • Hardware user guide
  • Sample design
    • Board device test Flash, SRAM interface test program(.bit)
    • DDR2 interface test program(.bit)
  • AD/DA loopback design
    • FPGA download file(.bit)


  • ADC/DAC Sub-board
    • 2x HighSpeed AD converter [National Semiconductor ADC14155]
    • 2x HighSpeed DA converter [National Semiconductor DAC14135]

Board Pictures

Click! Zoom picture.
PTKB-100004 Upper side
PTKB-100004 Down side
Sub-board Upper side
Sub-board Down side

Application example

Measurement, Medical,  Imaging,  Security Camera

For board parchase, please visit hitechglobal website

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