Mobility Solution

Real-time simulator solution

Palm size! HIL simulator with built-in plant model
"Byakko" (White Tiger)

Since the vehicle dynamics plant and the lithium battery plant have already been installed, evaluation and testing can be performed simply by connecting the ECU(Electronic Control Unit) and Byakko by CAN.
It is the best solution for customers who are worried by the hassle and cost of building a HIL simulation environment.

High-speed operation real-time simulator

MODEL CUBE is a simulator that realizes real-time response by optimizing arithmetic processing and improving I/O bus speed by processing complex arithmetic and I/O control by hardware.
By adopting FPGA, the power consumption per arithmetic unit is reduced compared to CPU and GP GPU. (A graphics processing unit that performs non-specialized calculations that would typically be conducted by the CPU)
To achieve low power consumption and low heat generation, it has been made compact and fanless.

Test simplification solution

Ultra-compact CAN frame transceiver "CAN CUBE"

Simple settings and operations.
Since we deliver CAN CUBE with the CAN frame of your choice, you can simply transmit and receive CAN frames with one button.
Ultra-compact and lightweight.
This is palm size and weighs 90g with one hand and can be driven by a mobile batttery
Compact evaluation system
CAN frames can be transmitted and received without a PC, which simplifies the evaluation system for ECUs configured with CAN networks.



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