Various plant models and signal processing models can be freely implemented.

High-speed calculation real-time simulator solution

Simulink® plant model/Controller model can be implemented in FPGA
New real-time simulator "MODEL CUBE“

MODEL CUBE can implement the plant model / controller model developed in Simulink ® on FPGA. MODEL CUBE can be used as HIL for unit tests and integration tests.
MODEL CUBE can implement Simulink ® models on FPGAs. MODEL CUBE can be used as HIL for unit tests and integration tests. The interface supports analog interface and digital interface. It will also be a portable test device. The calculation time is 2 μs or less (verification with our evaluation model).

MODEL CUBE is equipped with FPGA and performs high-speed calculation and high-speed I / O processing by hardware. MODEL CUBE is small and offered at a low price.MODEL CUBE does not have an x86 compatible processor.

MathWorks HDL Coder ™ and AMD VIVADO are used to implement the Simulink ® model in FPGA. mc station is available as PALTEK original station is the operation software of MODEL CUBE, and general operation, waveform display, waveform storage, and CAN setting can be performed.

MODEL CUBE use case

MODEL CUBE use case HIL Test


MODEL CUBE use case  RCP verification


Battery emulator utilizing MODEL CUBE


Features of MODEL CUBE

Point 1

Reduce system cost!
Features of MODEL CUBE 1
x86 compatible processor not used
Fanless, do not use AC-DC power supply
High-speed calculation and low price.



Point 2

Easy setting! Easy operation!
PALTEK original GUI is mc station.
Operation software that emphasizes ease of use.



Point 3

Lightweight and small size
187mm x 141mm x 91mm  1.5kg



Point 4

Features of MODEL CUBE 4
・ Support for CANFD, LIN, etc.
・ IO expansion
・ GMSL camera interface, etc.
In addition to this, various customizations are possible.



Custom support

MODEL CUBE also offers custom support. For customers who want a high-speed interface and I / O expansion, we can customize it based on MODEL CUBE.PALTEK specializes in various high-speed interfaces such as MIPI, 10Gb Ethernet, GMSL, and FPD-Link. In addition, we also accept customization for high-speed analog interfaces.


  • Unit test (IO test, functional test, performance test, conformance test)
  • Integration test (IO test, functional test, performance test, conformance test)
  • RCP (Rapid Control Prototype)


item explanation
IO processing
AMD FPGA Kintex® UltraScale™
PC IF USB2.0 port × 1ch
JTAG × 1ch
Gigabit Ethernet × 1ch
・Digital Input
・Digital Output
・Analog Input
・Analog Output
External dimensions (W)141 × (D)187 × (H)92 mm
Weight 1,500g
power consumption 15W (Reference value)
Implementation method          HDL Coder、AMD VIVADO
Minimum step time 2us (model dependent)


① Please tell me about the product support system.

①We have a dedicated WEB portal site that you can download Japanese and English manuals such as product specifications and procedures. For product inquiries, please enter from the inquiry page of the portal site. The person in charge will contact you.

② Please tell me about the use at overseas production sites.

② Please contact us including the countries and regions where you expect to use.

③ Please tell me about the warranty.

③ The warranty repair period is one year after the product is delivered.

④I have no experience in FPGA design. Is there any problems in usinig MODEL CUBE?

④ There is no problem.
Using MathWorks HDL Workflow Advisor, we can offer HDL conversion flow from Simulink model via HDL Coder™.
We also provide a flow up to the process of programming the generated HDL code into FPGA with AMD VIVADO in mc_station (our development environment provided by MODEL CUBE).
Various settings are automatically executed so that those who have never used VIVADO can easily develop.
If you still have concerns about FPGA development, please feel free to contact us. We have been an authorized FPGA distributor in Japan for about 35 years. You can contact us in confidence for FPGA support.

⑤ Is real-time simulation possible with MODEL CUBE?

⑤ It is possible.Using multiple Simulink plant models, it is implemented in FPGA after HDL conversion, and it has been confirmed that it can be processed in an average calculation time of 2us.Depending on the model, operations of 2 μs or less are possible.

⑥ Please tell me the development environment required to use MODEL CUBE.

⑥ MATLAB® / Simulink®, HDL Coder™, MATLAB Coder™, Fixed Point Designer™,and Vivado ® Design Suite are required.The Mathworks environment requires the latest environment of r2020b or higher.Recommendations for PC and OS OS uses Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit Japanese version.The PC environment is CPU recommended 8 threads or more. Memory recommended 16Gbyte or more. Storage requires about 20 Gbyte or more of free space.Since the host PC and MODEL CUBE are connected peer-to-peer, a 1000base-T ethernet IF that can be occupied for connection with MODEL CUBE is required.* Cannot be used with 10base-T and 100base-T.

⑦Is it possible to operate MODEL CUBE with the contents of the programmed plant model concealed?

⑦Yes. The FPGA bitstream included in MODEL CUBE is programmed with the AES encryption algorithm. Since other users can not see the concealed contents of the plant model, it is possible to bring the plant model outside, maintaining security.

⑧ Is it possible to change the number of analog I/O and digital I/O channels?

⑧ Yes. The standard MODEL CUBE has 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs, and 8 analog outputs. It is possible to change to digital input 16ch, digital output 16ch, analog output 16ch, etc, please contact us for details.

⑨Are there any products that support 10G Ethernet, GMSL, MIPI CSI2, high-speed AD/DA, etc?

⑨We can offer customization with another platform, as the standard MODEL CUBE doesn't support this.

⑩ Is CAN FD compatible?

⑩ Please contact us regarding customization ; the standard MODEL CUBE has CAN2.0B 2ch.

⑪ Is it possible to request the design of the Simulink® model installed in MODEL CUBE?

⑪ Yes, please contact us.

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