Model-based design services

What is Model-based design(MBD)


Model based design is the design method that expresses the equipment and environment which affect the entire system as the "model" led from anaysis data and theoritical fomula, and promotes the system development with carful verification by simulation with the "model" at an early stage in pre-implementation.
By improving each process of former devlopment by utilizing the model-based design, it is possible to dramatically shorten the development period and improve the design quality.

The model-based design is used for the products which need control verification assuming various situations, and need to repeatedly verify the prototype for commercialization.
For example, automobile development is becoming more multifunctional and more sophisticated, but on the other hand the development period is required to be futher shortened. And, the test items for quality assurance is increasing since each function needs mutual verification as individual function is becoming complicated.
Currently, the model-based design is actively used mainly for system development in field such as aerospace in addition to automobiles, but it is considered that it will be further promoted in system development in related field such as medical equipment, robot, and infranstructure.

Realize a design and verification flow that follow the V model.

The V model process is one of the development mothods mainly used in software development.
By consistently entrusted with the process from development to test, PALTEK realizes Model-based design and verification flow which follow the V model process

V model process

Features of PALTEK's entrusted model-based design

As equipment becomes more complex and sofisticated, it takes a lot of time to develop a system when it is developed on software basis. In order to shorten the development period and improve quality, the necessity of system development and verification that is flexible and can high speed processing is getting improved.With more than 35 years of experience in hardware development support, PALTEK will support our customers with confidence in model-based design.

Offering a original model-based design and verification solution based on hardware.

With over 35 years of FPGA development experience and AMD programable logic solutions, PALTEK offers high quality deliverables in short time by original model-based design method.

Supporting prototype of products in vehicle field.

We accept prototype development in vehicle field from requirement definition to manufacturing with partners who specializes in vehicle field.

If you have any of these problems, please contact us now.

If you have any of these problems, please contact us now.
  • I don’t know how to develop the model even thogh the sepecifications are completed.
  • I don’t have enough resources to design and verify the model.
  • Model simulation takes too long time.
  • The model is hard to use.
  • I want to reduce verification costs

PALTEK original product development

Ultra-compact handy size HIL simulator "Byakko"

Simple introduction ! HIL simulation will be completed only with hardware.
Simulation Acceleration Solution Hardware Emulator.
"Byakko" is a hardware with build-in plant model. A major feature is the ability to reduce verification time with accelerated simulation in autonomous driving/ EV development. Currently, we have twe models, a vehicle dynamics mdoel and a battery model.

Vehicle dynamics model

By changing 14 types of inputs such as target speed and steering angle and 60 types of physical parameter values, it can be used for control simulation of autonomous driving.


In EV battery management system software development, the simulation can be accelerated and the development period can be shortened by connecting this battery model to the software you develop.