Design examples / Areas of expertise

Design case: Application

  • Digital movie camera
  • Audio equipment (menu display)
  • Super high-definition real-time video transmission device
  • X-ray diagnostic equipment --FPD drive & image acquisition board ODM
    --Image processing unit ODM
  • JPEG Encoder / Decoder
  • Video conferencing system
  • Video DSP
  • Audio equipment
  • CT
  • Broadcast broadcasting, weather cameras, remote medical care, video conferencing, etc.
  • Implant inspection / diagnostic equipment
  • FC-PCIe, real-time control system communication control
  • Digital movie camera
  • SHVC transfer
  • Super high-definition real-time video transmission device
  • Mobile phone infrastructure
Medical equipment
Medical equipment
Broadcast equipment
Broadcast equipment
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Video transmission equipment
Video transmission equipment

Design case: Technology interface

Image codec

  • H.264 / H.265 HEVC
  • MPEG2 / MPEG4
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000
  • Motion JPEG

Image interface

  • CMOS / CCD camera I / F
  • CameraLink
  • LCD control / monitor
  • DVI / HDMI
  • HD / SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI

Memory controller

  • DDR / DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR4
  • SPI / NOR Flash
  • CF controller
  • SD controller


  • A / D, D / A Ghz band
  • High-precision timing control

High speed interface

  • PCI / PCIe
  • Serial Rapid IO
  • SATA
  • XAUI
  • USB2.0 / 3.0

Digital signal processing

  • Modulation / demodulation (16QAM / 64QAM)
  • Code / Decoding (Reed Solomon / Viterbi / Turbo / LDPC)
  • DUC / DDC for LTE
  • DUC / DDC for WiMAX

Embedded CPU / OS

  • Zynq (Coretex-A9, A53)
  • MicroBlaze
  • Freescale
  • ARM
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Multi / manycore

Digital signal processing

  • 10/40/100 Gbits / Ether Technology
  • Various NW protocols
  • XFP, SFP +, QSFP +, CFP, CXP
  • QoS
  • interlaken (over 100Gbps)
  • Ethernet OAM
  • Wifi
  • Hadoop
  • Zigbee
  • DPI
  • WiMAX
  • OpenFlow
  • xDSL
  • SDN, NFV
  • OSGi
  • ATM
  • Intel® DBDK
  • WDM
  • LTE (PS-GW)
  • ns-2, QualNet, Netlogo
  • Compact-PCI (PICMG2.X)
  • FEMS
  • Advanced TCA
  • BLE 4.1

Typical proprietary technology

Optical interface

  • Generation of 10G and 25G link signals for transferring 8K and 4K video data, data transmission interface project between studio equipment in synthetic ultra-high definition television [ARIB STD-B58]
  • Used for the design of signal transfer of equipment / devices necessary for test broadcasting of 4K / 8K ultra-high definition television and implementation of main broadcasting.

Image reconstruction module

  • Achieves high-speed 3D image reconstruction processing for CT equipment
  • 512 x 512 x 512 volume data can be reconfigured on the GPU in less than 1 minute by efficient parallel processing.
  • Has been used in dental CT equipment

X-ray denoising module

  • Reduction of graininess noise when X-ray images are acquired at low irradiation dose
  • Reduction of graininess (quantum) noise
  • Sharpening of contrast
  • Removal of impulse noise

Hardware design example

  • Semiconductor design technology (logic design)
    Implement 15 to 20 types of FPGA designs (AMD, Intel) annually
    Not only IP business and core technology business Differentiation by integrating system technology, software technology, etc.
  • DSP design technology
  • Analog design technology
  • High-speed digital design technology
  • High frequency mounting technology

Zynq Soc design

Zynq Soc設計

Image processing platform development with AMD Video IP core Arm peripheral circuit supports various interfaces

Application Next Generation Imaging Platform
Device AMD Zynq 7000
  • Image processing by AMD Video IP core, image storage and playback function
  • Supports AXI4 bus conversion of existing IP
  • Cortex-A9 peripheral circuit with Zynq, compatible with multiple I / Os

Software design example

  • Image, audio, multimedia information coding technology
    Image: H.265 / HEVC, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG2 (H.262), JPEG2000, JPEG
    Audio: MPEG1-Layer2, AAC-LC, CELT, G711, AMR
    Multimedia: MPEG2TS, RTP, AEC, Camellia, DES
    Error correction: FEC (COP3, ReedSolomon)
  • Image measurement and image processing technology
    Measurement of the rotation angle of the pupil of the eye, shape measurement
    3D image reconstruction of CT equipment
    Auto tracking camera
  • Analog design technology
    AnalogDevices: SHARC, TigerSharc, BlackFin, ADV-202 (JPEG2000 Codec chip)
    TI-DSP: C55x, C64x, C64x +, C66xx (multi-core), Davinci series, OMAP, ARM, SH, H8
    Tilera-Manycore (36 cores, 72 cores)
    Video signal processing, Image processing, Audio signal processing
    High-speed processing with ASM (DSP, X86-64)
    Acceleration processing on GPU

System design example

  • High-definition system (8 million pixels)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sound processing equipment,
  • Multiprocessor board (DSP-8 pieces, 16 pieces etc.)
  • A system that combines multiple module boards
  • Optimal design for systems that combine FPGA and DSP
  • PCIe, FiberChannel, SRIO, SATA

Storage transmission device

Storage transmission device

Reproduce the moment of a disaster with pre-recorded data

Application Storage transmission device for video transmission in the event of a disaster (development cooperation: Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
  • IP transmission of the video stored in the encoder according to the request of the decoder
  • Saves video in split files and reliably transmits high-definition images according to the line environment.

8K ultra-low latency codec device

8K ultra-low latency codec device

Hybrid distribution device using HEVC-ECF that supports ultra-low latency 8K

Application 8K-HEVC-RExt codec
  • 2014 NEDO subsidy utilization
  • By combining 2K (FullHD) HEVC codec units System construction

Multi-view video encoding device

MVC application example
MVC application example
Tile-GX module board
Can be provided in module board units

Hybrid distribution device using HEVC-ECF that supports ultra-low latency 8K

Application 8K-HEVC-RExt codec
  • 2014 NEDO subsidy utilization
  • System construction by combining 2K (FullHD) HEVC codec units

Housing design

3D exterior drawing
3D exterior drawing
3D interior drawing
3D interior drawing
  • Design creation
  • Design mock production
  • 3D housing design
  • Prototype production
  • Flow analysis
  • Jig design and production