Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy "To realize cooperative growth"


Yakushima, where PALTEK's founder, Takahashi was born and raised, has a wide variety of vegetation that is self-sustaining in a harsh natural environment, playing their respective roles in harmony with each other, creating a rich forest. The symbol of the forest, Yakusugi, does not exist as a single giant tree, but has grown thousands of years in symbiosis with the diverse plants around it.

Even in the electronics industry to which PALTEK belongs, the time has come to change from the time when one company completes everything to the time when various companies coexist with each other. In this context, there is an increasing need for "useful intermediaries" to identify true needs (customer's explicit/potential requirements) and connect them with seeds (business seeds that meet those requirements).

Since its founding in 1982, PALTEK has been proclaimed to be a "solution supplier", working closely with customers to solve their problems related to product development and to solve their problems.

As a partner in the design and development of electronic devices, we will continue to strive to grow our customers by connecting diverse technologies and companies born under diverse cultures and realizing a symbiotic relationship.