Initiatives for Society

Initiatives for Society

Since its founding, our company has a management philosophy of "symbiosis with diverse beings", One of our action guidelines is to "coexist and co-prosper with employees, customers, suppliers, and investors," and we have endeavored to provide timely and optimal solutions to the issues our customers face. We will fulfill our responsibility and contribution to society by implementing the following.

  • Efforts for employees
  • Customer efforts
  • Efforts for shareholders
  • Commitment to local communities
  • Efforts for disaster prevention

Initiatives for employees

Health and safety.

Health and hygiene system

We are engaged in activities that allow all employees to receive medical examinations, such as a partial cost of medical examinations and medical checkups for all employees.

Childcare/nursing care support system

We have introduced a system that enables employees who are raising children and nursing care to support their work-life balance.

  • Half-day paid leave system
  • Childcare leave system, short working hours system, nursing leave
  • Nursing care leave system, nursing leave/nursing leave, short working hours system for nursing care

Promote diversity

Partners such as suppliers and shareholders are spread all over the world. Therefore, unless you understand and respect the business customs of other countries, a business cannot be established. Furthermore, in order to maintain a long-term correct business relationship with our customers and suppliers, we can appropriately respond to various problems and requirements of our customers and suppliers, and become a symbiotic partner that leads to successful business. It depends. PALTEK is a group of people from various countries gathered from a global field. We maintain an environment where we can respect each other's culture and history.

Improvement of employment and employment environment for realization of lifelong active society

According to the knowledge and ability of all applicants, we have introduced a reemployment system after retirement age 60 as continuous employment until age 65.

Initiatives related to the success of women

In particular, women who have a family do not suffer any disadvantages, and we are promoting the active role of women and taking steps to support child-rearing.

Human resource development

We are developing human resources so that all employees can act based on the following action guidelines.

PALTEK Action Guidelines

  • Aiming for coexistence and co-prosperity with employees, suppliers, customers and investors
  • Aiming for a rich symbiosis with the earth
  • Have a fighting spirit to yourself and have a good heart for the other person
  • "Growth through challenge, advantage through speed"
  • "Aiming for a high mountain" to do better work
  • In order to make the right decision "The big eye, the small start"
  • To create a burning group, "create a continuous chain reaction with continuity and obsession"
  • 法Act in good faith and in compliance with laws and regulations

Philosophy education

It is carried out regularly, apart from the daily work for all employees.
Philosophy education is an education to learn the management philosophy of PALTEK.
Our management philosophy is "coexistence with diverse beings." Because in order for humans to live a fulfilling life,
We have to recognize each other's existence, respect each other, share our strengths and complement our weaknesses.

Based on this management philosophy, we will strive to become a symbiotic partner in the competition in a global society, and contribute to the development of our customers, thereby enhancing the physical and mental aspects of our employees.

Training of new employees

We will hold training for all new employees for one month after joining the company. You will learn basic contents such as general common sense as a member of society, knowledge, management philosophy, business content of each business division/affiliated company, environmental policy, information security.

Human resource development after joining the company

In order for all employees to make full use of the company's system and flow, the staff in charge of each department will provide comprehensive and specific training. This eliminates wasteful work and enables efficient work.

Business improvement by proposal system

We carry out proposal activities for all employees with the aim of improving work efficiency. Cases to be expanded company-wide out of these activities will be budgeted as task cases.

Customer Initiatives

Based on the management philosophy of "coexistence with diverse beings", we will create socially significant value as a solution supplier and cultivate, develop and propose high value-added products and solutions that match needs and seeds. I will go.

Initiatives for shareholders and investors

Our company is fair, timely and appropriate to our shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. We strive to gain the understanding and trust of our business and management by providing information. In addition to this, we will further enhance communication quality to further enhance management quality and promote corporate value.

Communication with shareholders and investors

We are making the following efforts for our shareholders and investors.

    • Implementation of general meeting of shareholders avoiding intensive days
      Since the 21st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, which was held on March 29, 2003, the Company has held an ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders from 1 pm on Saturday in order to have many shareholders participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders.
    • Implementation of Shareholders' Meetings Avoiding Concentration Days Since the 21st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 29, 2003, the Company has held every Saturday from 1:00 pm to encourage many shareholders to participate in the shareholders' meeting. We hold an ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

  • Regular information sessions for analysts and institutional investors
    We hold financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors after the end of the period and the second quarter. In addition, we have taken a video of the content and posted it on our website so that many investors can see it. In the 1st and 3rd quarters, where we do not hold financial results briefings, we also publish presentation materials in addition to the quarterly financial results, and post them on our website.
  • Participation in briefing sessions for individual investors
    The Company participates in briefing sessions for individual investors sponsored by IR support companies and the Japan Securities Analysts Association in order to give individual investors a deeper understanding of the Company.

The opinions received from these IR activities will be fed back to the management and endeavored to be reflected in future business management.

Initiatives for local communities

Register as a Kanagawa SDGs Partner

We will work together with the Kanagawa Prefecture Yanagawa SDGs partner to promote efforts toward the realization of the SDGs.


“Kanagawa SDGs Partner” means that Kanagawa Prefecture and companies/organizations that are engaged in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) collaborate with each other, and the prefecture supports collaboration among the partners. This is a system that promotes the efforts of companies and organizations related to the SDGs.

Efforts to realize our SDGs

Please refer to this page for our efforts to realize SDGs.

Efforts for disaster prevention

It is a great social responsibility of the Company to prepare for natural disasters and pandemics in order to maintain the supply chain.
In addition to thorough disaster prevention education such as maintenance of a disaster prevention manual and implementation of evacuation drills, we are constantly working to maintain a disaster prevention system such as a communication system in the event of a disaster and safety confirmation drills.