FPGA computing platform

The best platform for entering the IoT, such as data centers and 4K streaming video.

FPGAコンピューティングプラットフォーム「DATA BRICK」

Main features

  • Adopts AMD 16nm UltraScale + ™ FPGA VU3P series
  • Maximum 448 Gbps connection between FPGAs (28 Gbps x 16 LANE)
  • Equipped with 8GB DDR4-2400 DRAM (with ECC) on the board
  • Connect to HOST CPU with PCI Express (Gen3) 8.0GT x 16
  • Equipped with 2 FMC (HPC) connectors and 4 SAMTEC FireFLY ™ connectors to effectively utilize the user's existing assets

Accelerate workloads in the IoT era such as video processing, machine learning, and big data analysis!


As represented by the spread of big data analysis of IoT, the amount of data handled in the world is increasing dramatically, and data centers and cloud service platforms are required to improve processing speed and reduce power consumption.

Among them, the recognition that "FPGA" is the most suitable for improving processing speed and reducing power consumption has been established, and FPGAs capable of high-speed arithmetic processing are being installed.

PALTEK has excellent power consumption performance as a platform that can accelerate workloads such as video processing such as 2K (Full HD) and 4K, machine learning, big data analysis, financial analysis, high performance computing, which are expected to increase in the future. We have developed the FPGA computing platform "DATA BRICK" equipped with Zylinks 16nm UltraScale + ™ FPGA.

Customers can use "DATA BRICK" to improve system throughput while reducing system cost and power consumption.


DATA BRICKボード本体と12G-SDI Rxカード・Txカード
With the DATA BRICK board body
12G-SDI Rx card / Tx card
Accelerate your workload by connecting DATA BRICK
  • Communication between each DATA BRICK at a maximum of approximately 448 Gbps
  • Connect between DATA BRICK and CPU with PCI Express (Gen3) 8.0GT x 16
Model number Contents
Product name DS-VU3P-PCIE
On-board device XCVU3P-2FFVC1517I
Interface PCI Express Gen3×16
Memory DRAM:DDR4-SDRAM MT-2400 8GBwith ECC), Up to16GB
Flash:1Gb on board
Main I / O 4× SAMTEC Firefly Connectors(up to 112Gbps/Connector)
2× VITA57.1 FMC Connectors
Dimension 1 U-SDI Tx cable

Order information

Model number Contents
DS-VU3P-PCIE8E DATA BRICK board body, 8GB memory, 4 copper cables
DS-VU3P-PCIE16E DATA BRICK board body, 16GB memory, 4 copper cables
DS-VU3P-PCIE8O DATA BRICK board body, 8GB memory, 4 optical cables
DS-VU3P-PCIE16O DATA BRICK board body, 16GB memory, 4 optical cables

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