Design Service



Hardware design

FPGA RTL design service

Software design

Driver/firmware development, OS support, Porting

board design

Offer from single prototype system to mass production, we offer circuit design, layout, board manufacture, parts procurement, housing, and assembling.


Hardware design case

  • Image processing board for endoscope
  • FPGA design for 4K image processing catered for broadcasting
  • Image processing board for stereo camera
  • The newest FPGA and high-speed interface
  • Designs to implement DDR3 memory and DSP processing


 Zynq-7000 SoC design

Image processing platform development with XILINX Video IP core
Support for multiple interfaces by ARM peripheral circuit

Application Next-generation imaging platform
Device Xilinx Zynq-7000
  • Image processing by XILINX Video IP core, image storage and playback function
  • Support Cortex-A9 peripheral circuit with Zynq and multiple I/O
  • Support AXI4 bus


High-speed interface board design 

High-speed serial interface of FULL HD video transfer

Application 6.6Gbps High-speed serial transfer
Device Xilinx Virtex-6
  • FullHD video High-speed serial transfer
    (RGB24bit + control 11bit,60p)
  • Video blanking processing
  • Adopts low dielectric constant material MEGTRON 6


EOL LSI replacement


Application SH-BUS-PCI bridge
Device Xilinx Spartan-6
  •  Incorporation of peripheral circuits
    (with additional functions)
  •  Adjustment of mounting functions according to development